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  • Shorten URLs
  • Website easy to use
  • Interstitial ads supported


  • No categories shown
  • Ad spaces not published

CoinURL is a bitcoin ad network and link shortening service from Canada which accepts Bitcoin and Peercoin only. The website is in English and Russian.

Categories / Topics

They don’t show a list of categories. Signup

The signup is simple and allows complete anonymity. Choose a username which has nothing to do with your real name, choose a strong password and use an anonymous e-mail address which also has nothing to do with your real name. You are able to participate completely anonymously.

Any Contracts?

The are no contracts. You can start and quit anytime and you only pay what you’ve setted within your account.

Advertising with

Ad Network Fees

CoinURL has published no information about their fees.

Campaign types


They support interstitial ads and contextual text and banner ads.

Creating Text Ads on

You can target your advertisements to:

  • countries
  • languages
  • devices
  • publisher websites

You can use the frequency capping setting to make your ad campaign even more efficient. At what times of the day should your ads be displayed? uses the auction-based pricing, which many leading platforms use right now. This pricing system is more flexible and allows starting ad campaigns with any budget.

Earning Bitcoin with

The minimum payout is Ƀ 0.01